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Probate Attorney in Stockton, CA

Losing someone we love is the most difficult thing that we go through in life. It is so important that those that we love have their financial affairs in order before they pass. However, it is not always the case that a proper will or estate plan has been put into place. In cases such as this, the bereaved find themselves expending exhausting energy on where the assets are going on top of dealing with the pain of the loss.

There are many factors that can determine if the aftermath of a death and assets involved goes smoothly or not. The number of beneficiaries, the value of the assets, the number and types of different assets involved, along with the personalities and current familial relationships the survivors have. Sometimes, the mental health of the deceased during the drafting or amendment of a will is important to consider as well.

Attorney Hannon has handled probate litigation in San Joaquin County for over 35 years. His immense understanding of Estate Planning comes into play during a probate litigation situation. It is imperative for you to contact an attorney such as Mark as soon as possible if you feel that you are deserving and not getting what is rightfully yours, or if you feel that someone may contest a will because they feel the same way. Representation is essential in Probate matters, so call Mark Hannon today to talk about your situation: (209) 942-222.

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