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Stockton, CA


Estate Planning Attorney in Stockton, CA

If you have assets, family, and are mortal like the rest of us, it is important to understand one thing: We Never Know When Our Time is Going to be Up. Attorney Mark Hannon has focused on Estate Planning, drafting Wills & Trusts for those in San Joaquin County since the mid-1980's. No matter if you are just starting to get ahead in life with a young family or you are well established financially with grandchildren, there is not a wrong time to draft up a plan for the ones you may ultimately leave behind.

The best time to do so is as early as possible of course. Wills & Trusts can always be modified as your financial world continues to grow, along with your family too, so aligning yourself with an attorney that can be on your team every step of the way is a great choice to make. Attorney Hannon knows that an Estate Plan will differ from person to person as everyone has different circumstances, but after you sit down with Mark and go over your current financial position, family members most important to you, and your goals for the future, an Estate Plan tailored to You will be designed so you can continue building your world for yourself and those that you love. Call Attorney Hannon today to set up a consultation: (209) 942-222.

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